David CAIN the author of the blog raptitude.com

David CAIN , a blogger from NY , just emailed a new topic to his subscribers :


Here in this recent new post he asks his subscribers :

Please tell me in the comments what you would like to see more of here. Even if you never comment, I would love to know what I’ve written about that you’ve especially liked, or what I haven’t written about that you wish I would. A one-liner is fine.

Thank you for your contributions, you make this place what it is.

I discovered David CAIN by stumbling on his 30 day vegan experiment , and I was very impressed with the way he saw things . Funny thing is that he saw these 30 days as another experiment for the sake of experimentation itself , but became a vegan after this experiment .

Here , he started to make a list for not becoming a vegan :

http://www.raptitude.com/2011/02/7-reasons-i-never-went-vegan/ ( 112 comments )

Here he describes his experiment :

http://www.raptitude.com/2011/03/what-i-discovered-when-i-went-vegan-for-30-days/ ( 365 comments )

And as I understand it  , he is still vegan till today , at least 100% when he is at home . When he is a guest , it seems to me , he is not 100% vegan ( but every other assumption remains unclear from his wording ). This is the most recent comment about his diet that I could find on these two threads posted here above  :

Comment by David CAIN on December 25 , 2012 :


All the food I make is vegan. At restaurants I will usually order vegetarian unless there is a decent vegan option. I do not want to support bad vegan food. It does more harm than good. When I am a guest I will eat what is offered to me. I don’t want anyone to make something special for me.

The Blog Articles and the Comments are all very interesting , this time not for the nutritional aspects of the diet , but above all for the discussions on the ethical aspect of being a vegan . The comments are not censored and David always responds in a very intelligent way to objections . Lots of testimonies from vegan people also . I spent hours …  and hours reading through all the comments .

So have a look over there on the excellent blog of this great blogger . You will not regret it .

Update Nov 20 , 2013 : David CAIN is being interviewed here :


My mirror post is on





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