The 1972 film Silent Running

Some more pictures from this vintage film with an ecological message … back in 1972 !


  “What’s gonna happen if these forests and all this incredible beauty is lost for all time?” asks Bruce Dern’s protagonist, Freeman Lowell, in Silent Running. Made when the environmental movement was just finding its legs, the story concerns a small colony of ships floating through space, carrying bio-domes filled with the last vestiges of Earth’s natural ecosystem. The scariest thing about the film isn’t imagining a world without green forests or clean water or healthy ecosystems. No, the scariest thing is the indifference that greets Lowell’s aforementioned question. His colleagues appear totally non-plussed by the ecological apocalypse gripping the Earth. How does one fight a problem when no one acknowledges it 


Martin  TAYLOR  made an artist impression of the spaceships with the domes :




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