The Eden Project in Cornwall ( UK )


The Eden Project successfully combines ecology, horticulture, science, art and architecture. It provides an informative and enjoyable experience while promoting ways to maintain a sustainable future in terms of human global dependence on plants and trees. The exhibits include over one hundred thousand plants representing five thousand species from many of the climate zones of the world.


 We are an educational charity and we have planted over a million plants from around the world to teach our visitors about humans’ relationship with nature.

Our exhibits are designed to show that:

  • plants give us our food, fuel, materials and medicines
  • plants are part of a wider ecosystem that provides our water and air
  • the natural world can be beautiful, relaxing and inspiring.

Eden is a place where visitors can explore their dependency on the natural world and get inspiration on adapting their lives to preserve and enrich the environment.

At Eden we are also a charity that:

  • runs our own operations in the greenest way possible
  • offers support programmes to help businesses get their heads around environmental issues
  • hosts a series of climate-related arts events
  • collaborates on charitable projects worldwide that transform environments, places and livelihoods

 We built Eden as a place to explore ideas and innovations that can help us tread lighter on the planet.

We’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment, using resources efficiently and being self-sufficient in soil, water and energy where possible.

It’s not just about the planet. We make sure the charitable work we do makes a difference to people’s lives too.

We don’t know all the answers, but you can find out below about the various sustainable things we’re doing

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