My first steps on WP

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Well , it are my fist steps on WP , and WP feels very welcome from the beginning , people leaving behind likes , discovering very interesting new bloggers , often very specialized in a particular area like photography , books , music , nutrition , ….

I don’t know if you noticed this ? I found out that one can leave behind likes , and undo them ( anytime ? ) , but not click dislikes ! Great , leaving behind likes is how I function on a forum .

Some of the technical challenges as a blogger are all completely new for me . I still have to find out some of them , and I am all admiration for the very high quality of the other blogs . I must say that it surprises me that WP reveals itself very userfriendly to me …. err … up until now , you’ll never know !!!

My online experience comes from writing some years on a few nutrition fora , but it was not really in harmony with the kind of person I am . I am definitely more of a blogger than interested in fighting or joining discussion wars on fora . Though I must say , once in a while it happened , that I stumbled on a very high quality contribution of someone in the discussions .

I’ll finish today with some very verbose lines written by another blogger Kendall F. Person :

With a population of 65,000,000, if WordPress were a country, it would be the 22nd largest in the world, wedged right between the United Kingdom (63,700,000) and France (65,700,000). It is a fascinating, international community, that enables all to build a platform to showcase their talents and/or to have a voice. I enjoy my trips around the WordPress world. The sites, sounds, stories, rants and raves I encounter from my desktop our priceless.

I learn of new communities, by visiting my neighbors’ communities. WordPress is brilliant in its simplicity of meeting new friends. Simply ‘Liking’ a post or ‘commenting’ on a platform, or ‘following’ another blogger, your Gravatar or Hovercard serves as your ‘I was here signature’ linking back, from where ever you are, to your blog, making meeting new friends as easy as a ‘touch or click’. Freshly Pressed is an in-house promotional device, if you will, where ever changing categories of blogs and posts, appear, running the gamut from ‘Drawing’ to ‘Inspiration’ from ‘Startups’ to ‘Blogging’ with hundreds of stops in between. And the prominence of WordPress bloggers can be felt throughout the world wide web, as it is not uncommon to read a headline at another online media source, clicking the link to follow the story, and finding it has led you to a WordPress blog.

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Just found this :What is a good blog ?

Am I looking for a person? 


The blogger’s character as it comes across in the blog influences my choice to read. 

The voice, the tone, the eye (photographs or word-pictures), strange quirks–all make me remember and want to come back. I’m looking for a human being that I can slowly get to know over a period of time and trust.

I’m also looking for versatility. Real people don’t change drastically but they don’t remain the same all the time or only drone on about the same thing over and over again.

If they do, I don’t want to know them.

Who wants to get bored to death?

What feelings do I like on a blog?

Wit is good. Funny is good. Passion, emotion–all good.

But anger (unless artistically put with some distancing) and nastiness spoil my reading experience. This is an absolute put off for me.

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Blogging mostly about nutrition , diet , supplementation , ... but also about everything that caught my attention and enthousiasm in the media , people and life .

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