SF cover art 2

Joachim Boaz , a pseudonym , is the author of the Sciencefictionruminations blog . He reviews a lot of vintage Science Fiction writings  http://sciencefictionruminations.wordpress.com/science-fiction-book-reviews-by-author/sci-fi-book-review-index-by-rating/

Most of my blog concerns relatively unknown science fiction books interspersed with the occasional esoteric film reviews

Yes, I dable in the esoteric — or rather, I wholeheartedly hurl myself into oceans of esotericism (the back shelves, the dusty corners…) I’m actually more interested in the contents behind the covers — especially 50s/60s/70s sci-fi about social issues — overpopulation, drugs, nuclear war, alien contact and how it changes are conception of the world and ourselves….

I don’t think someone can truly understand/enjoy/or even critique newer science fiction without some understanding of the older classics and the developmental trajectory of the genre…. You should definitely try out some of the old classics — be be warned, my blog is rather more esoteric in nature (it is purposefully not about commonly held classics but rather, more overlooked works)


On this blog , you can stumble on marvellous vintage SF cover art like the ones below :

See much more SF vintage covers on :




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