Innovative low energy constructions


At 9000 ft. above sea level, this sun-tempered house is off the grid for heating and ventillation. In classical simplicity, a central two-storey sunspace with venting cupola is sandwiched between two Trombe walls.

As you might have understood it , I have dreams of  becoming independent to fossil fuels and energy providers of all sorts .  I am fascinated by the many inspiring innovative ideas in homeconstructions  : using modern isolation techniques , using the energy of the Sun , using natural cooling and ventilation techniques , …

The native Americans had already used some of these techniques :PuebloCrossSection

Ancestral Puebloan stepped “Great house”, Southwest USA  . Cross-section: Rising heat wave on the south side of the building naturally heats up the roof terrace work areas and south facing sleeping rooms during winter. High angle sun light in Summer is shielded from interior rooms by insulative roof structures. North side storage rooms are ventillated , and are cooler in all seasons

A modern version using these same techniques would look something like this : use of greenhouse , ventilation , shading … :


Direct gain houses, considered to be the simplest passive solar house type, rely on south-facing windows, called solar windows. These can be conventionally manufactured operable or fixed windows on the south wall of the house or standard-dimension  insulating glass panels in the wall of the sunspace or solarium. While some of the solar heat is used immediately, walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture store the excess heat, which radiates into the space throughout the day and night. In all cases the performance and comfort of the direct gain space will increase if the thermal mass (concrete, concrete block, brick, or adobe) within the space is increased.

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