Low and Zero Energy Houses

^^^  http://www.soleta.ro/Gallery

I was actually looking to find back pictures of a very nice low energy family home , but could not find it back ( yet ) . Instead , I stumbled on this concept of a zero energy small home from a company . I love the simultanuous use of glass , ventilation , shading , solar energy , thermal energy … Here is what the company says about their project :

I can choose to forget about electricity and gas bills! How come? In case of Soleta zeroEnergy version, houses have the full eco kit (solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectricity) included in order to produce energy from non-conventional sources. We also have a computerized energy management solution implemented to optimize the house consumption and to reduce the negative impact on nature.

How to produce the thermal energy necessary for house heating?  We found the answer in a smart system which combines solar energy with geothermal energy. Of course wood as well can be a solution!

^^^ http://www.huf-haus.com/de/huf-haus-art/huf-haus-art-6-bis-9.html

Here is one of the bigger houses from HUF HAUS , a Germany based house construction company . Love also the many simultanuous endless possibilities that such constructions can offer : ventilation , shading , use of warmth by the Sun , solar panels , solar heating , …


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