SF cover art 4

Del Rey Books - 1978 - Tim White. Tran skate their way to the crashed lifeboat.

 ^^^   https://yellowedandcreased.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/icerigger-alan-dean-foster/

Just stumbled on this reviewer with the pseudonym ‘ Admiral Ironbombs ‘ . The blog reviews older vintage fiction books , where SciFi is one of the many categories . The undertitle of this blog is : ‘ Battered , Tattered , Yellowed and Creased ‘


Some older fiction has a certain charm to it, and it’s always fun to discover lost writers and forgotten gems. The modern-day revival of pulp and paperback fiction—part of our nostalgic cultural interest in anything mid-century modern—has helped a bit; many publishers have tried to bring older fiction back into the mainstream, or at least out of the historical records department. Plus, there’s the genre history and lost genre history angles; seeing how genres developed on the macro-scale intrigues me. There’s plenty of brilliant novels lost to the ages. There’s a ton of crap out there, too. And I don’t always focus on old and retro-fiction; I have done several modern book reviews so far, and have others in the works. (Always.)



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