Spotted : funny website

Spotted : funny website


This is how a waterdrop bouncing in a few microseconds looks like


This 102 year old abandoned ship is now a floating forest. You can find it in Homebush Bay, Sydney, Australia. Beautiful

Through my own Twitter account , I discovered this ( retweeted ) website , which says about itself :

“For the Curious People”

We’re journalists and researchers. We’re passionate statistics nerds with too much time. We’re focused on educating curious people from around the world.

A top educational destination, Just So You Know features the most important, crazy, weird, funny, awesome, unbelievable, and amazing local and world-wide facts, tips and knowledge. @Know is Europe’s most followed fact page on Twitter, created Nov 30, 2010

It is a website for enjoying moments of light-hearted pictures , coming in categories : Science , Wow , Nature , Bizarre , and Worldwide . From time to time , there might be some really astonishing thing to discover over there , like the falling water droplet in the heading of this post  .

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