Quote of Wisdom and some thoughts on Twitter

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^^^ Picture sent to me via Twitter : The Periodic … errr … Table !

Found this quote from blogger Lidiya :

Everyone has something to say and wants to do it now without listening to the story someone is telling us. But real strength, self-control and will are measured by the forbearance from doing it. By resisting the urge to talk, humbly listening and responding adequately to the other person, we build patience and character.

Read the complete post on : http://letsreachsuccess.com/2013/05/14/how-listening-to-others-can-make-you-a-better-person/

And a related quote , which I found today on my Twitter :

When you talk you are only repeating what you already know, but if you listen you may learn something new.


To install the  “follow me on Twitter ” widget here on my WP blog was a very big disaster yesterday . Just never did what I expected . Maybe the coming days the “follow me on Twitter” widget will be here on my blog . Meanwhile , here is my twitter :


Twitter is all together a very different world to blogging. You feel less barriers to keep your own opinion to yourself . One example : I have asked somebody who is expecting more than 20.000 Twitter followers , what can be the big purpose or pleasure of it ?

And after reaching 20.000 followers what’s next ? Is your goal 30.000 followers ?

Are you going to be able to read & manage all many the messages / comments from people ? You will connect to less and less to people . Stephen Fry who has 6.443.951 followers ( as today ) , writes on his Twitter profile : “NEVER reads Direct Messages”

Is lots of followers a sign of quality ? The UK boys band One Direction has  err …. some 18.000.000  followers on Twitter ( official OD 16.595.551 + OD Japan 335.527 + OD fanclub 491.431 and others ) . To each their own , I’d rather  say .

I have also un-followed somebody who had re-tweeted a picture of an automatic shotgun . Why ?? Wrote to him that our World needs less arms , not more . Incident closed for me .

So , yes Twitter is a different world to blogging , you take very swift and very on the moment decisions .

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