Help , I’ve got an Alien inside me !!


Help !!!!  …. I’ve got an Alien inside me !!!

Not really , but sort of … I  have a very suspicious email following my WP blog ( since two weeks )

For the moment , I’ve not yet  been able to find an option on the WP dashboard to delete it !

It is a completely made up email address from a website , something like “Newsletters Fuuzle”

Big alarmbells are ringing , when you see such a strange and unusual name in an email address :


I found this report saying :

 Toxic IP address or “bad” email domain

No activity seen from this IP in approximately 7 weeks

Found also this :

The coming days I will ask WP directly ,  or I will post a question on the WP forum how to remove it

Source Picture :

About Alles Wat Is

Blogging mostly about nutrition , diet , supplementation , ... but also about everything that caught my attention and enthousiasm in the media , people and life .

5 responses to “Help , I’ve got an Alien inside me !!”

  1. Photobooth Journal says :

    Thanks for the research. I am following those posts and it seems there is not way to remove the “bot” followers.

  2. Roundnews says :

    We got two subscriptions from fuuzle too. A quick search on Google reveals they started following blogs no matter the size. Their site is still under construction and I wonder what the whole purpose of this newsletter signup might be.

  3. Alles Wat Is says :

    @ Roundnews

    I checked again this link

    They have not made any changes to their comments on Fuuzle

    Last time I checked , an WP administrator had removed this Fuuzle -critter from my list of Blog Followers

    As I expressed it on the WP forum , WP should at the very least allow blog-holders to report very unusual followers

    Also , subscribers to the blog , should be checked that they are genuine real persons , and NOT robots ( this by using Feedburner , Captcha , … )

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