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The Purpose of Life , post by James Radcliffe

When I talk about value I mean: anything that adds life.  Value can be in anything that you create, do, or are.  It could be something you make with your hands, it could be a piece of art, it could be a meal, it could be a house; but it could just as easily be a feeling that you create within yourself and then share, or an act of kindness towards yourself or another.  It could be telling the truth, it could be holding someones hand, it could be creating the 8th wonder of the world.

But creating value in a vacuum is empty.  To share the value that you have created with others results in a far greater and deeper happiness than creating value alone.

Happiness is not the same as pleasure.  Pleasure is generally momentary, and generally serves only the person partaking in it.  It is not lasting, nor does it necessarily benefit others (unless it holds value).  Happiness is a different feeling.  It is hard to pin down with language, but we all know it when we feel it.


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Why do Capital Letters annoy us so much ?

If you USE ALL CAPS in your email or message board posts, you will immediately make yourself seem inexperienced or ignorant. Most experienced computer users consider the use of all capital letters to be the Internet equivalent of shouting.
 For those of us who spend a lot of time hanging out in cyberspace, messages written in all capital letters are reminiscent of trying to hold a conversation in which one person is shouting every word while others are speaking at a normal volume.

No All Caps: It is proper netiquette to refrain from using all capital letters in internet correspondence. All capital letters denote shouting in internet communication. Shouting at other users is not acceptable.
Why do CAPITAL LETTERS so annoy us?

Here I found some more useful unwritten rules for moving on the Internet :

Although not an exhaustive list, here’s eleven rules you should be aware of when it comes to communicating on the web:

1: Check your spelling and grammar

2: Use proper punctuation, as though you were typing a letter

3: Avoid shortened words, it’s not a text message you’re sending


5: Never publish anything you would not write on a postcard

6: Use smileys to indicate tone of voice, but use them sparingly. Don’t assume that the inclusion of a smiley will make the recipient happy with what you say or wipe out an otherwise insulting comment

7: When commenting on blogs and forums or replying to an email, wait overnight to send emotional responses

8: Don’t send mail or post comments solely to point out other people’s errors in typing or spelling

9: Remember that whoever reads your content is a human being whose culture, language, and humour have different points of reference from your own. Be especially careful with sarcasm, slang and local acronyms

10: Consider that a large audience will read your words. That may include your present or your next boss, so take care in what you write.  Remember too, that websites and mailing lists are frequently archived and that your words may be stored for a very long time in a place to which many people have access. Google never forgets

11:  Be professional and careful what you say about others

New Study : Optimal Intake of Protein during the Day

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What is the optimal intake of protein during one meal and how to distribute your total protein intake throughout the day :

“You can overconsume protein to your heart’s content, but unless you distribute it appropriately, you can still fall well below the body’s needs,” says Dr. Douglas Paddon-Jones, a professor of nutrition and metabolism at the University of Texas. Instead, Paddon-Jones recommends distributing protein more equally throughout the day, aiming for three meals each with 30 grams of protein – by including eggs and high-protein dairy options like Greek yogurt at breakfast, for example.

Athletes who are trying to build muscle (or simply help their muscles recover from arduous workouts) can push that approach even further. Phillips and his colleagues recently tested three different ways of taking in 80 grams of protein in one day: eight equally spaced doses of 10 grams; four doses of 20 grams; or two doses of 40 grams. The intermediate option produced the greatest overall muscle protein boost, so Phillips suggests that athletes should aim for four daily meals each with at least 20 grams of protein. And there’s one final option to boost protein synthesis at the end of the day.

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OZARK HENRY & AMARYLLIS with song ” I’m Your Sacrifice ” live in studio

OZARK HENRY & AMARYLLIS with Song ” I’m Your Sacrifice ” live in Studio

HOOVERPHONIC with song Amalfi

HOOVERPHONIC with song Amalfi

The Broken Circle Breakdown – song ” If I needed you “

Film : The Broken Circle Breakdown – Song : ” If I needed you ”

Spotted on Tumblr : The Hysterical Society

CDV Portrait of a young girl - Sweden - c.1915 by Patrick Bradley 70 on Flickr.


This picture actually came from a collector of vintage pictures :

A vast archive of vintage photos !!

Enjoy the time warp ….

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Spotted on Tumblr : Death’s Head and the Sickly Child

anachronisticfairytales: Eugenio Recuenco



Not sure what the main theme is of this Tumblr thread , but it is an amazing absurd gathering of weird realistic pictures , vintage photos ( real or newly made  ) , artistic photos , fairy tales , fashion pictures , advertising drawings , ….

Anyway …..  enjoy as much as I did  !!!!

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