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Brain Pickings Maria POPOVA

^^  http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2011/12/28/spacesuit-fashioning-apollo/

I am completely flabbergasted – as if struck dumb with astonishment and surprise – by this exceptional website :


from Maria POPOVA :

Brain Pickings is a human-powered discovery engine for interestingness, a subjective lens on what matters in the world and why, bringing you things you didn’t know you were interested in — until you are. Founded in 2006 as a humble email digest and eventually brought online

Number of Book Reviews in the Science Category only : err … 129 , and she posts the book’s covers and some pictures from inside of the books .


She has Book Reviews in other Categories as well : Creativity , Design , History , Psychology and Art !

I am lost for words ….


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