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A Zero Emission Polar Station on Antarctica

Princess Elisabeth Antarctica

 For decades, Antarctica has been a home cutting edge science and a shining example of international governance through collaboration. It was here, in the remote part of the pristine environment, that the International Polar Foundation heralded the return of Belgium to the Antarctic continent with the world’s first “zero emission” scientific research station: Princess Elisabeth Antarctica.

Turning Constraints into Opportunities  http://www.antarcticstation.org/station/

By taking existing technologies and using them in innovative ways, the International Polar Foundation successfully established Princess Elisabeth Antarctica as a showcase for perfect integration of energy systems. Strong Antarctic wind gusts, a harsh climate, barren landscapes, and the surrounding mountains … the International Polar Foundation took advantage of all these apparent challenges when designing the station. By harnessing the power of the wind and the 24-hours-a-day sunshine to sustainably fuel the zero emission polar research station, means that it has almost total energy autonomy – and this means a significant cut in the logistics headache of transporting fuel.

Passive Building http://www.antarcticstation.org/station/passive_building/

 As well as being powered by renewable energy, Princess Elisabeth Antarctica is also designed to minimize energy demand. For example, the station’s shell has a layered design, allowing perfect integration of the living quarters, which maximises both heat distribution and energy use

Renewable Energies  http://www.antarcticstation.org/station/renewable_energies/

By turning apparent constraints into innovative opportunities, the International Polar Foundation team took advantage of the 24-hour sunshine of the Antarctic summer months and wind gusting from the plateau to provide the station’s primary source of power: renewable energy.

Water Treatment  http://www.antarcticstation.org/station/water_treatment/

Ideally located for obtaining a fresh water supply, Princess Elisabeth Antarctica was designed as little as possible of this precious resource. Thanks to a space station-inspired water treatment system, water is purified and re-used for the showers, the toilets, and washing machine. Excess water is thoroughly purified before final disposal in a safe location nearby.

Energy Supplies  http://www.antarcticstation.org/station/concept/

In Antarctica, the sun never falls behind the horizon for one half of  the year and strong winds are very common. The station takes adavantage of both Antarctica’s windy weather and constant daylight during summer to power the station.

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