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Don’t Twitter Fight

^^^  http://gigaom.com/2012/05/01/twitters-big-problem-it-still-needs-better-filters/

I just came across this opinion blogpost telling that to conduct a long and fierce discussion or debate on the Twitter pages is not so ideal :

1 : In a Twitter feed , the poster is limited to 140 characters for expressing his/hers point of view

2 : If you want to elaborate your standpoint  with more than 140 characters  , you will have to use someting like Twitlonger  http://twitlonger.com for posting

3 : If people answer to a person in particular in the main Twitter thread , you will have to go to and open those conversations situated on this side Twitter thread , and thus causing you to leave the main Twitter thread of the discussion

Here is the opinion piece written by Ann FINKBEINER  :

And now you know where this is going:  I clicked from arguer to arguer, Twitter page to Twitter page, and on each page found different parts of the argument and even more arguers on which to click, leading to even more parts of the argument.


So you can’t get a coherent argument on Twitter.  And the problem isn’t the 140 characters — @carlzimmer even posted a Twitlonger – but the nonlinear, illogical structure of Twitter.  It branches and branches again; people dart in from all directions, tweet at somebody or other, and dart out again.  Trying to follow an argument on Twitter is like trying to see the rules in a night full of fireflies.  Twitter is just one more way humans have found to talk past each other — not communicate, not converse, just emit random little flashes.

Read the full and very detailed story on :


In the comments on this blogpost , found this comment from Alberto CAIRO , also worth a reading :


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