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Spotted : WP blog ‘analytical perspective’

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Just spotted this blog , and found some very nice things to keep always in mind .

On making choices :


Personal Responsibility

What am I saying? I’m saying, take responsibility for who you are, how you feel, and what you do. The next time you feel stressed over something ask yourself, “Is there anything I can do or could have done to prevent the stress?” If there is nothing you could have done then take comfort in that and let it go. If there was another solution, if you could have done better, then use the experience and practice making better choices. Remind yourself that whatever is bothering you is over—or it can be over—if you choose it. Let your next step be to find a solution.

Ways to Encourage Better Choices

Seek guidance from positive social influences (e.g. friends, family, counselors).

Look for networking opportunities.

Join a group of interest that reminds you that you possess untapped potential.

Don’t wallow; pick yourself up and move forward.

Remember that tomorrow is a new day and full of potential for success.

Surround yourself with motivating influences.

Give yourself a break. No one is perfect.

Leave the past in the past.

Do the best you can and feel proud of your effort.

Never give up.

Stop comparing yourself to others; you are unique and possess equal worth.

Consider the possibilities and make a list of them.

Ask yourself if what happened will kill you. If the difficulty is not life-threatening, let it go.


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‘Spotted’ will become  a separate category here on my blog , where I will post a gem of a post or an article , that caught my attention , my appreciation , or my admiration . In doing so , it will not be lost in the very big world of the internet .

In the future , I  hope to be able to use self made digital pictures here on my blog , instead of those ( unpersonal ) copy pasted pics . Err … I am a technical newbee figuring it out on my own , so bear with me .


Source pictures : http://housepict.com/minimalist-home-office-with-wall-mounted-desk/#more-2635