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Spotted : a professional photographer

Just stumbled on this site of a professional photographer

Quite interesting to browse through all the pictures


The website itself has a wonderful dynamic to play with

Have fun

The Before They Pass Away Project

Before They Pass Away

Credit picture : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/picturegalleries/10314681/Before-They-Pass-Away.html

Before They Pass Away is a collection of evocative portraits by the British photographer Jimmy Nelson that capture the world’s “last tribesmen”


Renowned photographer Jimmy Nelson has embarked on Before They Pass Away, an ambitious aesthetic photographic document that covers 31 secluded and unique tribes from across the globe in a novel tribute to celebrate the very origins of humanity


In his landmark project entitled Before They Pass Away, Jimmy Nelson captures the lives and traditions of the last surviving tribes who have managed to preserve their traditional ways, art, and customs within our increasingly globalized world. The British photographer’s epic portraits—shot with a large-plate field camera—present these dignified inheritors of noble and age-old traditions in a proud spirit and in all their glory—a breathtaking unique visual experience. This exquisitely photographed showcase for world tribal culture is not only a joy to look at, but also an important historical record with its intricate details and fine nuances. Set against the backdrop of some of the world’s most pristine landscapes, this book reveals the wide variety of human experiences and cultural expressions across the ages.

http://www.beforethey.com/#before-they-pass-away ( the project )

http://www.beforethey.com/press ( in the Press )


https://thestylesmith.wordpress.com/tag/jimmy-nelson/   ( here lots of online pictures )


http://www.beforethey.com/#journeymap ( see all 29 tribes )

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