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Don’t forget your Greens !


Don’t forget your Greens ! 

There  are also some other voices who question these ( repeated ) recommendations ”  don’t forget your greens ”
Read for example skeptical articles like :

http://blog.rawgosia.com/are-greens-necessary-on-a-raw-food-diet      personal reflections of Iheartfruit forum member Gosia

http://rawschool.com/2011/do-we-need-to-eat-greens/     by Nora Lenz

My own diet is very high in fruit , that is : more  fruit than the average person would eat ( the average person considers fruit  as a dessert and not as a complete meal ) . As for vegetables / greens : only  some specific fruit-like vegetables ( like almost daily sweet bell peppers ,  sometimes fennel bulb … ) , cooked vegetables ( like half-cooked carrots , (  almost ) daily white potatoes and sweet potatoes , onions , seaweed {1} , black  and white fungi , sometimes other fungi , sometimes some broccoli ( stems  )  , sometimes some cauliflower ( stems )  , sometimes some pumpkin ,  sometimes some beans ( little )  … pff… really , that’s more or less  all ) , and greens  ( like celery(stalks) {2} … and that’s more or less  the only real greens to survive my dietary references ! )
Well , the only  reason is that I am not a big enthusiast of a heap of lettuce , eggplant ,  cucumbers , … I never feel the craving to buy them when shopping ( Salad and  lettuce : I mostly like the young crispy immature leaves ) . {3}

But hey  , that’s how I managed and manage to thrive on my own self-tailored  ovo-vegetarian – almost vegan – almost raw diet , without any serious weight  loss , without any loss of energy , and without any health issues . A diet  without any animal milk products at all , without any vegetal pseudo-milks ,  without soya products ( only some fermented soya ) , without refined processed  cereals / grains  , almost never some specific (pseudo) grains , no  white sugar , … ( I probably forget to list some no-no’s … ) My diet is  still flexible for changes and possible improvements , although the big lines  have remained more or less unchanged since 2009-2010  ( as I noticed  myself )

Everybody somehow tailors his / her diet , for example Tracy  Russell says about her diet :

I eat a high-raw, vegan diet based on  fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and supplemented with healthy cooked,  whole foods.  I’ve found this to be a sustainable diet and one that just  about anybody can aspire to .”
http://www.incrediblesmoothies.com/ ( homepage , about  author )

I ran across a beautiful commentary, among the 264 commentaries  on an article ” The scary truth about vegan diets ” :
( were people got  sometimes very emotionally entangled in conflicting diet discussions  )

Can’t we just accept the fact that everybody has a slightly  different physiological makeup , nutritional requirements and energy output and  there is no one-size-fit all diet ? If going vegan works for you , great , I am  happy for you , but it doesn’t mean it works for the rest of the world (…) We  would all be much healthier if we spend more time to appreciate and be thankful  of the wonderful things in life instead of bickering about what is the  healthiest diet

{1}  http://www.rawfoodyhealthnut.blogspot.com/2012/09/eat-sea-weed-many-health-implications.html    ( by Helen Kirby Roach )

{2} http://fresh-network.typepad.com/fresh_network_blog/2012/09/celery-from-hate-to-love.html   ( by Helen Kirby Roach )

{3} http://fresh-network.typepad.com/fresh_network_blog/2012/09/5-tips-for-getting-your-kids-to-eat-their-leafy-greens.html
( by Karen Ranzi )

http://eco18.com/powerhouse-greens/     ( by  Sue Taggart )
http://eco18.com/eat-your-fruits-veggies-for-immunity-boosting-antioxidants/       ( by Lauren Verini )

Some personal reflections that I wrote on the Iheartfruit Forum on September 23 , 2012