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An earthquake ? Just uplift your house !

Japanese engineers have sometimes very original ideas . In a country , prone to regular eartquakes , they have come with a system that allows to lift up a complete house with just air . Uplifting a complete house is one of the ways that can isolate a house from the shockwaves caused in the event of an earthquake

This is the theory of their warning and uplifting system :

Made in Japan Earthquake-Proof Homes - Construction and Building

Earthquakes don’t kill people. People’s houses in the midst of earthquakes kill people. Look at the statistics—or the photographs—and you’ll know that the vast majority of fatalities from earthquakes large or small come from buildings, or parts of buildings, falling on people.

What better way to avoid tragedy then, but by tossing a house in the air when an earthquake comes?

That’s the general idea behind the levitating house developed by the Japanese company Air Danshin . The product of inventor Shoichi Sakamoto, the house sits, during more stable times, on a deflated air bag. When sensors feel a tremor, they switch on a compressor within a second. The compressor pumps air into an airbag, inflating it within a few more seconds, and ultimately lifting the entire house a good three centimeters off its supposedly earthquake-proof concrete foundation. There the structure will hover, its inhabitants able to casually go about their business, for the duration of the quake. Then the airbag deflates and the house gently settles back down.

This is how it looks in reality :  structure levitates 1cm  to 3 cm

Made in Japan Earthquake-Proof Homes - Construction and Building

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