Healthy Eating: Is it healthier to eat a banana while it’s fresh or when it’s ripe?

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The meticulous answer , by Zachary CONLEY , degree in nutritional sciences

Actually, the nutritional profile of a banana does change as it ripens. You’ve probably noticed that the more ripe your banana is, the sweeter it tastes. This is because enzymes in the fruit’s tissues are progressively breaking down starch (long polymeric form of sugar) into simple sugars (monosaccharides, disaccharides, etc).

Since the enzymes have already done the work of breaking that starch down, your body doesn’t need to; you will absorb the sugars into your blood stream quickly which causes a “spike” in blood sugar.
On the other hand, there may be some benefit to eating the ripe banana. Supposedly the antioxidant profile of the banana increases as it ripens.
In conclusion, the ripe banana is optimal when you need quick sugar. If you don’t want the blood sugar surge, you could consider eating the ripe banana with some nut butter (which should slow the absorption of sugars into your blood stream) or simply eat the banana while its still green-ish (3 or 4).

(Source: Ripening Chart Westwood Banana )

The joking answer , by Christopher J.D. DOWD ,  Sentient Smattering of Spacetime

 It should be noted that bananas contain 0.0117% potassium-40, which is radioactive with a half-life of 1.25 billion years. In fact, “banana equivilant dose” of radiation has become a real unit of measurement. So, in terms of radiation poisoning, you are slightly better off waiting.

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